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As a destination for leisure tourists, the estate will be unequalled in its maturity within the spectrum of responsible & sustainable tourism both within itself and the Eastern Free State.

No chemical fertilisers and sprays have been used, and no destructive tilling has taken place for 20 years, creating an opportunity for 'regenerative' farm-to-table farming.

Our current intensive agricultural methods are unsustainable; they destroy ecosystems and diminish biodiversity. The development could become a place to learn and teach the skills and methods required to reverse climate change and strengthen food security.

Organic production of vegetables allows for superb quality fresh produce in onsite restaurants, and meat products such as venison and lamb, grown organically on the estate, could be sold to residents and the public.

Beehives could be installed for honey production, and with the addition of free-range chickens, the estate could be practically self-sufficient in its production of healthy organic food.

The development includes plans for a nursery for indigenous wildflowers and healing plants. Plants, seeds and healing products sold as creams, tinctures and oils would be available for sale.

The estate now boasts over 35 species of butterflies and some 250 species of birds.

The development opportunity

All requirements for compliance, through the National and Provincial Legislation Department of Agriculture, Land Reform & Rural Development are complete and approvals have been received in support of the application for change of land use from Agriculture to Tourism/Resort.

Existing infrastructure

Since 2003, the property has operated successfully as a tourism business offering a range of self-catering cottages & guest houses along with a wonderful selection of tourism activities. This establishes a solid foundation for resort development.

The property is a registered conservancy with the number DTEEA/4/4/3/C4.

  • The property, 164 hectares of grassland & the "koppie"

  • 3 x Family self-catering cottages (164sq meters & 175sq meters)

  • 2 x luxury open-plan self-catering cottages (64sq meters)

  • 1 x Sandstone Guest House (375sq meters) + 2 x freestanding sandstone bedrooms (34sq meters each)

  • Garage for two cars — Electrified with two bedrooms & a bathroom at the rear.

  • Seven staff rooms — Electrified.

  • Steel framed Farm Store — Electrified (130sq meters)

  • One borehole — 3.75kw submersible with extensive water pipe network and 5 x 5000-litre water tanks

  • One borehole with lister pump

  • One borehole lined

  • Roads and hiking trails

Developmental approval

Following an intensive four-year-long application process with the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform & Rural Development, this exceptional property provides opportunities for the Tourism Sector in the development of a resort comprising:

  • 10 housing units with options for two, three, and four bedrooms

  • A reception & restaurant / clubhouse

  • A lodge and wellness centre with eight free-standing luxury bedrooms

  • A wedding & conference centre

  • 5 Freehold stands

The comprehensive 'change-of-use' submission* includes:

  • Environmental impact assessment (EIA)

  • Heritage Report

  • Engineering soils report

  • Flood-line report

  • Report on roads, water & electricity reticulations

  • Solid waste disposal report

  • Geological, pedochemical, and mineralogical reports, and

  • A record of decision (ROD) for the submission and subsequent approval

The development approval includes agricultural zoning of tracts of arable land, and following 20 years of re-wilding, this creates a unique opportunity for regenerative farming.

Perfect for Regenerative Farming.

Regenerative = To farm in a way that positively adds to and restores the local ecological and social systems. Regenerative farming rebuilds the damage to soil structure and local wildlife that has been caused by harmful, conventional farming, resulting in healthy land, rich infertility.

Regenerative farming uses organic, no-till and sustainable practices, taking it to the next level. Most notably, Regenerative farming has the opportunity to play a big part in reversing climate change

Perfect for “The Farm to Table Strategy”

Which aims to make food systems fair, healthy and environmentally friendly.

Food systems cannot be resilient to crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic if they are not sustainable.

The strategy known today as “Farm to Fork” concept means that the food that we eat and its ingredients has directly been sourced from the farm where it was produced.

Farm to fork provides various benefits –

  • Local farmers receive more and real profit for the produce

  • Restaurants get quick and fresh access to the food and ingredients which helps them in making fresher dishes

  • Farm to Fork sourcing helps the surrounding local businesses.

  • It is a sustainable practice that is also good for the environment.

The property has – for 20 years - been run within the parameters of Responsible and Sustainable Tourism

The benchmark of Responsible & Sustainable Tourism – The Green Travel Market – Getting Off the Beaten Track :

  • Seeks to entrench both economic viability – social equity.

  • Seeks to maintain and strengthen the quality of life in local communities.

  • To maintain and enhance the quality of landscapes, to support the conservation of natural areas, habitats and wildlife, and minimize damage to them.

  • To minimize the pollution of air, water and land and the generation of waste by tourism enterprises and visitors.

This remarkable Lifestyle Estate is offered for sale by owners — who wish to retire —


R18 000 000.00


Structures that have been put in place to facilitate the sale of this beautiful property into the right hands and the following resources are available on request:

  • Locally based contractors capable of project management from beginning to final completion of the project

  • Conveyancing attorneys

  • Professional accountant and conversant with both property and books of the company and tourism cc – is available for consultation and assistance with business plans, cash flows, etc

  • African tourism consulting expertise

  • The current owners are available for consultation in their capacity of being conversant with the property.


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